Vacant Stair

This is a Friday Fictioneers story loosely inspired by Ted Strutz’ photo.

On this case, the link to the inspiration is rather tangential, if it exists at all, but none of my other ideas stuck.

I’ve done a lot of dialogue based pieces lately and I’m aware this one could have been made much shorter if I’d written a narrative account but U hope I’ll be forgiven for (probably) going over the word limit.

Enjoy…(small print:enjoyment is optional)


-Guess who I ran into in Eindhoven?
-That MC Escher
-MC Escher?
-That’s the one.
-Flash sod.
-I know.
-How is he?
-Pretty cheesed off, as it goes.
-How come?
-…You know that impossible staircase in his house?
-How could I forget. He insists on showing me round every time I visit.
-I know.
-Three days I was there last time. THREE DAYS…What about it?
-Well, now he and Magdalena want to start a family.
-He says it’ll be a bugger dealing with it if the kids wake up in the night.
-I see.
-Says he needs a full night’s sleep if he’s going to make woodcuts of hands drawing themselves.
-He’s got a point.
-He wanted to build a nursery on the ground floor but the council wouldn’t give him planning permission.
-So he built it anyway.
-Good on him.
-Only they want to make him take it down.
-Miserable gets.
-Still, he didn’t seem too worried.
-Why not?
-Says they can’t get up the stairs to serve him notice.


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26 responses to “Vacant Stair

  1. Etienne, That was clever and humorous with great dialogue. I can understand their problem. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

  2. This is a delightfully “twisted” tale. Well done!

  3. An impossible staircase certainly has its advantages 🙂

  4. Fun dialogue. I must try this format sometime.

  5. Ha.. yes I got that one without following the links — good one..

  6. Dear Etienne,

    I can only imagine what an MC Escher nursery might look like. Amazing artist. Fun dialogue. Not sure how it fit the prompt, but if it works for you, it works for me. Nicely done.



  7. Fun. Planners, eh! But I’m really surprised he can find a carpenter to do the work. The plans would have been a real challenge.

  8. Love the punchline! You did that very well…

  9. Great dialogue! I love Escher’s works, I can stare at them for hours.

  10. Dear Etienne,
    I can certainly see a loose connection to the photo. One would imagine Escher living in a community on the shore at the very least, and other tangential relationships to the photo prompt exist, at least in my imagination.

    I’m glad you served this up exactly as it is because I love it. Beautifully manipulated.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

    • Thank you, Marie Gail. I’m really pleased you liked it, particularly since you managed, in your story, to effortlessly pull off a style which I’ve been trying to nail for years.

      • Etienne,
        Well, thanks, but I assure you it wasn’t effortless. 🙂 My live-in editor took a look at the first draft and gave me some great pointers.

        All my best,

  11. What a great one-liner! Love this 🙂

  12. Dear Eitenne: Love your story!! It is a great one-liner too! Thanks for the laugh! Nan 🙂

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