Raymond Carver

This is a Friday Fictioneers submission. Thanks to Sandra Crook for the prompt. I’m not sure if the practice of mutilating trees to document transitory affections is known out with the UK, though I’m sure you’ll get the idea. Thanks 

Ray 4 Jan
Ray 4 Jan 4 Wot?
Ray 4 Jan 4 Eva
4 Eva? Eva Who?
Nah, 4 Evah..4FS
4fs? 4 Cough
U 4 Cough…Ray 4 Eva
4 Jan 4 Evah?
Nah, Ray 4 Eva…4 Evah.
Jan 4saken?
2 rite.
Jan 4 Jon, then.
Jan 4 Jon 4 Wot?
Jan 4 Jon 4 Evan.
Jon 4 Evan?
Nah, 4 Eva.
Jon 4 Eva? Nah, Ray 4 Eva, Eva 4 Ray.
Nah, Eva 4 Evan 4 Eva an’ Evah!!
Ray 4saken?
4 certain.
Jan 4giving?
4 Get it.


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30 responses to “Raymond Carver

  1. That’s a lot of carving. Couldn’t they just talk to each other? Great fun, loved the title too 🙂

  2. michael1148humphris

    I weep for the trees, poor things. But a interesting take on the prompt

  3. Moon

    Hahaha. Enjoyed the codes on the tree.

  4. My Grumpy Old Tree would have found a way to make them stop 🙂

  5. Haha. Gr8 story. But please don’t carve any more on the tree with that 4k-nife!

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