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The Wire. Meets Finding Nemo. Again.

At twenty-seven, Marley Tiffin is looking for a way out of the organised crime racket. He’s getting too old to poison fish for a living and his arteries won’t take much more of his psychopathic boss’s home baking. What he wants is a nice, quiet job in a garden centre where he can work through his Morrissey fixation in peace. But, with pthe police closing in on operations, he needs to get out fast, and he’ll do anything to get there. He just doesn’t expect ‘anything’ to involve turning into a goldfish in an accountant’s pond…

Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin is a tale of fish, friendship and fandom set in the hinterland between South Manchester and North Wales.

Includes an excerpt from A Stopped Clock, the forthcoming crime novel by Etienne Hanratty and “Don’t Carp”, the flash fiction story which inspired the book.

Availabe on Kindle here…

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