A Pharoah Palaver

This is a Sunday Photofiction submission for October 8th 2017. I know nothing about Egyptology so apologies in advance for the historical inaccuracies. Thanks to Kathryn Forbes for the photographic prompt.

-So, you like it?

-What is it?

-It’s my mausoleum.

-But, Pharoah…You’re not dead.

-Builders were offering 0% finance, weren’t they?


-So, what do you think?

-…It’s a bit pointy.

-It’s a pyramid.

-You didn’t fancy a nice, tasteful tumulus?

-I’ve got a legacy to think of. Can’t afford to scrimp. I’ve got a state of the art security system, too.

-What’s that?

-Curse, mate.

-A curse? What sort of curse?

-Any one disturbing my remains is gonna die of natural causes several years later.


-I know. 

-Does it have to be this big?

-I’ve gotta have space for my treasures, haven’t I?

-Can’t take it with you when you go I suppose.



-Sometimes I worry about you, Moses.



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4 responses to “A Pharoah Palaver

  1. This amused me, thank you

  2. Ha! Good one. We all know how this tale turns out.

  3. Haha that was funny. Good story

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