Getting Butterflies

This is a quick bash at a Friday Fictioneers submission which can be viewed as a response to my New Year’s resolution to get back into writing. I’d have liked a couple more sentences to set the context but am taking some satisfaction in the fact this is 100 words exactly. Thanks to Roger Bultot for the prompt.

Wendy watched her father’s reaction as her sister came down the stairs in the lilac ballgown. There was pride there, but something else, too: a sullen recognition that she was growing into a beautiful young woman. Carla had always been the pretty one, but tonight, she was transformed.
Back when they were kids, Wendy had been fascinated by caterpillars. She’d wished she could hole up in a chrysalis for a day or so, and emerge metamorphosed into something beautiful. More likely, she’d have turned out to be a moth, but st least she could have flown from her drab surroundings.


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16 responses to “Getting Butterflies

  1. You really bring out the tension in the sibling relationship and the yearning to get away from it.

  2. I am always sad that there is such a competition between siblings. For all she knows, she will age better than her sister!

  3. Good scene. Her longing comes through well.
    We all get our day to fly and our time to shine, if we’d only know it instead of wasting time envying.

  4. If she does not let this jealousy consume her, I’m sure when her time comes, she’ll soar like a butterfly!

  5. Such jealousy… I think there will come a moment for Wendy too…

  6. You perfectly described her longings.Things may change in time, they often do.

    Click to read my FriFic!

  7. She could still emerge as a lovely butterfly. Sometimes it’s what inside that makes the difference.

  8. I think the fathers love is what drew me into these 100 words. Thanks EH

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