Shakes Pier’s Globe

This is a Friday Fictioneers  submission for 25th August. The title wasn’t my first choice, but I coulDn’t resist a pun. Thanks to Jan Wayne fields for the prompt (which I seem not to be able to upload).

‘Here it comes again,’ Piers thought, as the floor shook. Around him flew huge snowflakes, the size of crows, stinging as they struck. The fairytale Bavarian castle behind threatened to collapse but, as always, remained resolutely intact.

Later, after it had all abated, he crept forward to see if there’d been a breach in the wall which penned him in. But was nothing; there never was. He returned to his position, trying not to look at the myriad identical snow globes on the shelves around him.
He should never have ignored the ‘do not touch’ sign in the gift shop.


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28 responses to “Shakes Pier’s Globe

  1. I love the idea. It would merit a longer version

  2. I will definitely never touch a snow globe on a store shelf ever again!

  3. A neat little fantasy, but one might get weary of being tumbled around.

  4. I feel shaken by this story, but not stirred. 😎

  5. Dear Etienne,

    You never know what will happen when you touch a snow globe on a shelf. 😉 Clever.



  6. gahlearner

    Oh, snowglobe fantasy, that’s great.

  7. Wow! Great imagination. Great story. :o)

  8. Ha! I love this take on the prompt. Well done.

  9. Clever take on the prompt. Great story!

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