On The Rocks…

This is a quick Friday Fictioneers submission. Thanks to Sandra Crook for the prompt.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to plug my annualish festive ghost story, which I’ll put on this site next week. 

After they decommissioned the lighthouse, Bob felt adrift. Adept as he’d become at saving mariners from the rocks, it had left him without any transferable skills. Lacking an income stream, he stayed at his sisters in Deptford and took to loitering under the streetlamp outside the General Lighthouse Authority, warning passers by that it was a treacherous place. The police said he was a nuisance and moved him on. He came back, and this time the magistrate sent him down for 6 months. Bob didn’t mind, of course; he was used to confined spaces and pleased he could still serve as a warning to others.


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37 responses to “On The Rocks…

  1. Martin Cororan

    Alternatively, he’s a sociopath! Great little cautionary tale…

  2. That’s so sad. Poor guy.

  3. This is tightly woven and an great read.

  4. He found his purpose again. Nicely done.

  5. Sounds like he needs the confined space he is used to!

  6. I like Bob’s optimism and resourcefulness!

  7. I hope they gave him a torch to shine from the window just for old time’s sake! Nice one.

    Click to read my FriFic!

  8. I’m afraid Bob’s going to be a frequent guest in Her Majesty’s confined spaces if he doesn’t acquire some other skills — and he doesn’t sound especially motivated at present. But he’ll have a warm place for winter.

  9. I felt rather heartless when I tittered at Bob’s solution to being broke. He sounds institutionalized and I could quite imagine that being a tragedy for some lighthouse keepers.

  10. michael1148humphris

    Bobs life seems to be on a [downwards] spiral

  11. I enjoyed reading this. Cleverly done!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  12. Wow! I love where you took this ~ subtly pointing out that there’s not much difference between saving people from the confines of a lighthouse or the shallow light of streetlamp or a jail. Very well done.

  13. Simply loved Bob’s never-say-die spirit and wanting to always help out others. Of course, society HAD to put him in prison for such a radical outlook 😦

  14. Beauitful! People never know who cares enoigh@

  15. Great take on the prompt.

  16. Well at least he is tenacious! Good for him! Nicely done and Thanks for the entertainment!

  17. Great purpose in life… and glad that he found some house and lodging in the end 🙂

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