If I Could Turn Back Time

This is a Sunday photo fiction story. Thanks to AMixedBag for the prompt. Apologies for the title, but a pun didn’t feel appropriate.

Stills frowns, “It’s smaller than I expected.

“The inventor looks like he’s fighting back the urge to say something cutting. Good call, thinks Stills; it’s never a good idea to get lippy with the paymasters. “It needs to be inconspicuous at the other end.”

“I see,” nods Stills, “I’d’ve thought a time machine would need to be bigger.”
“We can do a lot with nanotechnology these days,” said the inventor, leaning over the console, “So, where will you be going?”
“Munich,” says Stills.
The inventor doesn’t bother to conceal his distaste for the predictability of the answer, “What year?”
“Before the Beer Hall Putsch?”
“Before Goebbels had a chance to create the Hitler myth.”
The inventor smiles noncomittally, “You’re the boss.”

“That I am,” says Stills, pulling the knife from the pocket of his greatcoat. 

The inventor looks unimpressed, “You’re going to use that to kill Hitler?”

Stills shakes his head, “Who said anything about killing Hitler?” He says, driving the knife into the other man’s chest, “I’m going to offer my services. Imagine what the badtard’d’ve accomplished with a proper spin doctor.”



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11 responses to “If I Could Turn Back Time

  1. Good twist. A damming reflection on today’s politics of spin and the fact there are those who would still advocate fascism for power.

  2. I wasn’t expecting that, nor I suspect did he! Excellent.

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  3. Nice twist at the end. Imagine using a time machine to make Hitler more successful.

  4. Cool! Love the ending… can I borrow the time machine? A few things I wanna change :-/

  5. Yikes. There was a time (really not long ago) when this would’ve seemed funny to me because Hitler has always been a symbol of political evil in my lifetime. I have to agree with what Ian said about this being incredibly disturbing in light of today’s political climate. Well done.

    • Thank you. It’s interesting you’d say that because 2 years ago, if I’d’ve written something like this, I would have played it for laughs but the way things are going, it doesn’t feel appropriate somehow.

  6. Love the twist. I think the world will be a much happier place. In his dreams. Things never end well for the person meddling with time.

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