Deny Everything

This is a slightly delayed Sunday Photofiction submission. Thanks to Dawm M.Miller for the prompt. I don’t often try to be topical, because there’s always a risk of coming across overly worthy. Perhaps I should keep politics out of it, too, but this is a subject that’s occupied a lot of my thoughts so I make no apologies.

(Nb. For reasons I don’t understand, the photo isn’t uploading so there’s a risk the last line won’t make a lot of sense)

-Your brother still working at Vauxhall?


-He worried about them selling it off to the frogs?

-Nah.He’s a riveter.

-What about Brexit?

-What about it?

-He not worried about that?

-Why’d he worry?

-Well…If we leave the single market, won’t the ensuing export duties make the cars uncompetitive on the continental marketplace?

-Your typical frenchman ain’t going to let a couple of thousand Euro come between him and his Vectra.

-And those punitive duties on imported components are really going to hit their profit margin. 


-So that’s going to have a knock on effect on terms and conditions.
-How come?

-Well, the cost of manufacturing’ll go up and their profits’ll go down.

-But…we’re taking back control. Like that Priti Patel said.

-Yeah, till they lay off the workforce and shift the whole shebang to Cologne.

-Still…An extra £350 million a week for the NHS.

-If you believe that, you’ll probably believe the Antara’s a class-leading mid-size SUV.

-Now you’re just being a naysayer.

-What. Like a horse?

-Nah. A naysayer. Like that Michael Gove was on about. You’ll be banging on about global warming next.

-You not worried about that, then?

-Would I have bought myself 50 patio heaters if I was?



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4 responses to “Deny Everything

  1. Extremely topical and amusing – if a bit unnerving at the same time!

  2. “Still .. an extra £350 million a week to the NHS” That infuriated me so much. Especially afterwards when they denied ever having said it. For those who don’t know, On of the Brexit campaign’s main point was slapped on the side of a bus that said “We pay the EU £350 million a week. We can use that on the NHS” and what they didn’t mention was that every country put in the same amount and got a large portion of it back.

    THis is pretty much spot on and an argument I have had with my brother, sister and parents.

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