Up The Junction

This is a Friday Fictioneers submission. Thanks to C.E.Ayr for the photographic prompt and to Messrs Difford and Tilbrook for the title. 


There’s not so many of them these days, the trainspotters. It’s the internet, I suppose, sparing them from the weather and the derision of commuters. A few remain, usually male, making video recordings on their phones these days, instead of jotting numbers in their notebooks. They rarely notice me watching them; they never did.
The wife says I should give up, that our boy’s not coming back, but she’s wrong. One day, the pull of the locomotive will be too strong. He’ll forget about that other stuff that took him away and we’ll get back to our shared hobby again.



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41 responses to “Up The Junction

  1. Hmmmm. I’m not familiar with trainspotting, although I have heard the word many times. The last line puzzles me, so, I guess I’m kind of dense about the whole thing.

    Well-written, I’ll say that, Etienne. The usual good quality. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading. This story has confused a few people but the last line was intended to reflect the protagonist and his son used to go trainspotting together until the son disengaged. I haven’t been abke too explain why. It’s a strength and a weakness of flash that the limited word count precludes explanation and leaves the reader to fill in the blanks, I suppose.

      • Well, I think you had a good story there, nevertheless. Yeah, that 100-word limit gets us all. I had to tweak one of my stories I don’t know how many times before I got what I wanted.

  2. Well written…but I don’t understand..is their boy dead in a rail accident? or did he just go away?

    • Hi. The pretentious answer is that I’ve deliberately left it for the reader to make up his/her own mind, but the truth is he went away and I didn’t have enough words to go into detail. Thanks for reading.

  3. Trainspotting is a mystery to most people, weird. It’s a shame, but I’d say son is well out of it.

  4. Dale

    Obviously not the heroin-related trainspotting! A much better version, I should think. I hope his son does return

  5. Great story of forlorn hope. I thought it could have been drugs that took him away, but it could be anything. Excellent.

    • Thanks for reading. When i started writing, I had the idea that the boy had run away but the more i thought about it, the more drugs seemed to fit. Either way, it amounts to the same. All the best.

  6. Graham Lawrence

    Oh yes. You pulled out my memories of trainspotting and then hit me with the rest. What a great story!

  7. I’ve lived with the fear of losing a child do to “other stuff” and it doesn’t have to be drugs.

  8. The shared hobby is trainspotting I suppose?

  9. Loved your story, I only read a missing person?

  10. A poor father wanting the company of his son back again… Beautifully told. Maybe they could take up Pokemon Go together?

  11. A trainspotter spotter. I hope he finds his son.

  12. That’s a sad story, nicely told. Somehow I don’t think the son is coming back.

  13. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    A beautifully written story that broke my heart. I could feel his despair. I am refusing to think of anything sinister in the reference to the hobby. Your story is the flip side of mine. Put them together and it a tragic tale.

  14. A lot of sadness hidden in just a few words. Well done.

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