Hellas Other People

This is a Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers submission. Thanks to Footy and Foodie for the inspiration. Apologies for my failure to stick to the word limit. I tried and tried to pare it down, but the story just wasn’t the same. This is my first offering for a number of months so I’m hoping I’ll be allowed to carry over 20 words or so.

(apologies, too, that the title makes no sense. I really need to get to bed and that’s the best I can do)


Dimitri couldn’t help but ruminate wistfully whenever he gazed over a body of water. It was what made him such a gifted screenwriter. It was a pity, then, that he’d chosen to make his home on the Island of Kos. Surrounded, as he was by the Aegean Sea, he found himself too busy ruminating to actually get any writing done. Forced to make ends meet, he took a job in a petrol station. Oil might make the world go round, but as liquids went, it wasn’t particularly evocative. 

He’d’ve been fine if the manager hadn’t decided to run a promotion on bottled water. A portly trucker, looking for something to wash down a pasty, handed over a bottle of Volvic.Dimitri  couldn’t help himself and, by the time the punter handed over his debit card, our man was lost in a reverie about the time he beat his father at tennis. When the robber came in demanding the day’s takings, the poor sap didn’t stand a chance.  
Some say his ghost still haunts the island but as anyone who’s met him will attest, Dimitri’s stuck on the banks of the Styx, pining for his first love, whilst the ferryman glowers on.



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12 responses to “Hellas Other People

  1. Hahaha! Poor Dimitri. He sounds like a dreamer and even in his death, he dreams on. Great story! (And, occasionally, we are allowed to go over the limit as long as it is not WAY over the limit).

  2. I had no idea Greeks ate pasties – I kind of assume it’s just a Brit thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice story about a man daydreaming his life away – literally. Interesting take on the prompt

  3. A lot packed in there! Great tale. I would struggle to get any writing done in the same situation, too nice to be stuck behind a laptop typing. Well done.

  4. Drunken Sunflower

    Well, when I saw the title, I knew exactly that the scenario will be taken place from a site in my homeland! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great story so far!

  5. michael1148humphris

    Love the vision of the glowering ferryman. I wonder if Dimitri is stuck, whether perhaps he is in a coma.

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