Subtle Diplomacy (Albany 1891)

This is a Friday Fictioneers submission for 22nd July 2016. Thanks to Jan Wayne Fields for the prompt. Unusually, this one’s exactly 100 words, but that’s mainly because it spared me having to think up a punchline. I have no doubt that this will contain anachronisms and British colloquialisms but that’s part of the charm of flash, n’est ce pas?

-Darnit, the French are coming.

-Why, Governor?

-To cement Franco-American relations, supposedly.

-Can’t they do that in Paris, France?

-I told you, Farb, they don’t call it Paris, France over there. 

-What do they call it?

-Paree, France. Besides, the ambassador wants to take his wife to Macy’s.

-Won’t they notice we haven’t got that statue up?


-…Of Liberty?

-I’m not following.

-They presented it to us as a gift. Remember, we only got them a box of chocolates…?

-Not ringing any bells.

-The broad with the hat?

-Ah…Where did we put it?

-A parking lot in New Jersey.



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42 responses to “Subtle Diplomacy (Albany 1891)

  1. Very entertaining, particularly the idea that a Parisienne would want to visit an American department store.

  2. Great fun, if taking huge liberties (sic) with history

  3. Hahahaha! Great conversation. You packed it full, too. Marvelous!
    Five out of five American flags.

  4. Dear Etienne,

    Interesting take on history. Funny.



  5. This made me smile – lovely!

  6. I think this is “alternative” history. 😉 Fun reading.

  7. A great take on the prompt. It made me smile!

  8. michael1148humphris

    The board with the hat? Ah… I like it

  9. Ouch ..yes that seems a plausible way to manage the American – France relationship.

  10. LOL! 😀 The broad with the hat. That made me laugh. Oh, I needed that. Thank you!

  11. Still chuckling.
    And what a hat it is… chic, oui?

  12. mickwynn2013

    Very funny, particularly the idea of France giving the statue and only getting a box of chocolates in return.

  13. This is very funny. I love the broad with a hat.

  14. Thanks for the laugh. Thanks for writing something lighthearted.

  15. Bureaucratic bungling has been around for a long time, it seems. Very funny story.

  16. Fun! I like imagining it as an awkward gift that needs to be displayed when the gift-givers visit.

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