Courting Opprobrium

This is a quite, frivolous, Friday Fictioneers entry. Thanks to John Nixon for the photo.

As the court jester got older, he realised his frolics were assinine. He’d only gotten into the performing arts to get girls, but the pointy hat was a real turn-off. He’d have seen more action as a eunuch in Cleopatra’s service with the additional bonus of as ass’s milk as he could drink.

In an effort to regain his self-respect, he wrote a satirical monologue about Anglo-Castilian relations. The king was, presciently, unamused. The jester almost managed to keep his head by improvising a comical ditty on the harpsichord but came unstuck when he couldn’t find a rhyme for ‘merkin’.



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28 responses to “Courting Opprobrium

  1. Dear Etienne,

    At least he didn’t have to find a rhyme for orange. “…more action as a eunuch…” good line. Fun story.



  2. The court jester had the most troublesome life of all… off with his head…

  3. Yikes! That turned for him, all right.
    Really good story, Etienne!

  4. Clever and amusing.

    Am I being too picky if I mention a couple of tiny typos?

  5. At least he won’t have to worry about his hat anymore 🙂

  6. I had to look up merkin… and now I find the story even funnier, and cleverer than before. Unique take on the prompt.

  7. Very clever, and amusing.

  8. You live and learn…albeit sometimes too late. Very entertaining story!

  9. “Almost managed to keep his head” — and everyone thought Simon Cowell was rough on American Idol!

  10. Hahahahaha! A very clever story. I’m glad he kept his head.

    Minor typo: In the last line of the first paragraph, should it be as MUCH ass’s milk…..

  11. mickwynn2013

    This made me laugh. Thanks

  12. A hilarious story – very imaginative and chuckle-rousing. Merkin, eh? Not many people use that word casually!
    (Hope you don’t mind my making a small correction, though: Asinine has only one ‘s’.)

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