Cutting The Apron Strings

This is a Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers submission. It follows a theme I haven’t explored since seeing that the TV series Once Upon A Time did it so much better. With the writers of that programme now leaping the proverbial shark several times a series, I feel empowered to try again. I shall try my best to make sure the main characters refrain from serially changing their behaviour and motivation for no obvious reason.

Thanks to Phylor for the prompt. More stories here.

After Pinocchio got a job in the city, Gepetto was distraught. The boy promised he’d visit, it had always been obvious when he was lying. The forgotten birthday was the final straw and the carpenter had resolved to sever all ties with his oldest son. Alas, with no wife and only a cat to talk to, he soon found himself missing the company. At his lowest, he considered availing himself of the services of an escort, until he’s friend Jiminny had talked him out of it.
In the end, he decided to start again. The hoped-for liberalisation of fostering laws hadn’t reached 19th century Italy so he was forced to make another boy himself. Wood had let him down the last time and, in truth, his dexterity wasn’t what it was, so he fashioned his second-born from 

Polycarbonfibre and vowed that next time the circus came to town, he’d make sure the boy was grounded.



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4 responses to “Cutting The Apron Strings

  1. What a very interesting and delightful tale! He made a mistake using wood on his “firstborn” puppet so he is using polycarbonfibre for his second puppet! LOL! Cute story, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I enjoyed your take on this prompt.

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