Picket Line

This is an all-too-rare Friday Fictioneers entry. Thanks to Roger Bultot for the photographic prompt.

-“You sure about this?”
-“Yeah, why?”
-“Just seems a bit feeble, is all.”

-“It’s passive resistance.”

-“I know, but…this passive?”

-“We’re making our case, getting people on side. We got shows of solidarity already.”

-“Who from?”

-“That copper.”

-“The one who’s helmet you crapped on?”


-“I don’t think he was showing his solidarity.”

-“We gotta do something. I’ve had family in this game since Noah’s Ark.”

-“Things change. Maybe it’s time for critical engagement.”

-“Nah. We’ve got to fight this. If we don’t stand against the telephone, the carrier pigeon’ll go the same way as the pit canary.”



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19 responses to “Picket Line

  1. I knew they were pigeons from this line: “The one who’s helmet you crapped on?”. Maybe change that and leave the reveal to the end?

  2. Dear Etienne,

    Pigeon poop as solidarity? I could do without that. At any rate, he’s a pigeon with foresight. The telephone certainly took over…and then some. Good one.



  3. I suspect he may be fighting a losing battle here, but there’s no harm in making your point. Even if it is on a policeman’s helmet. Nicely done.

  4. Stay strong brothers and sisters. We will be heard. We shall overcome. Fun story and the line about ancestors going back to Noah’s Ark was funny. Well done.

  5. IfeomaO

    Solidarity in its shittiest form I think…love the humour, but the reveal came a bit early. Great job though.

  6. Hahaha creative & cute take on the prompt. Carrier pigeons, did not see that coming.

  7. I always wondered what they were doing up there! That’s great 🙂

  8. To serve Is all they want. Like

  9. mickwynn2013

    I’ve always envisaged a bored pigeon saying to its mate, “I’m bored, fancy crapping on a newly washed car?”

  10. Case is lost, but why not have fun before mobile telephones replace the wires

  11. That was a funny story – had me smiling throughout. This was my favourite line:
    “We gotta do something. I’ve had family in this game since Noah’s Ark.”

  12. Truly, something must be done.

  13. wildchild47

    This is a wonderful slightly absurd twist on the image, but it’s just such a fun read 🙂 And it has great lines – as others have mentioned: family dating back to the Ark!

    I could appreciate the tone set by the conversant birds – I’ve often sat and watched flocks and imagined conversations into being, so this resonates with me in a great way.

  14. Loved a different point of view, they sound British. 😀

  15. Wow! Great story. Very imaginative!!

  16. Beware of the pigeon revolution. This is great fun, although I think the pit canaries won’t be too sad to be out of work.

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