The Sub’s Bench

This is a Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers submission. Thanks to Ady for the photo and to Priceless Joy for running this regular challenge. I’ve tried to find a different voice for this one but I’m not sure if I’ll use it again. 

So Geoff’s wife dies and he gets to thinking he’d like to do something to remember her by. Only, they’d been married, like, 40 years or something and he doesn’t know what she used to like doing anymore. Back in the day, he remembers, she’d go for long walks in the woods when he was pottering about in the garden, so he decides to borrow some money from his brother and get a memorial bench.

Now, Geoff wants to get his money’s worth, so he decides he’s going sit there. Not too often, just on wedding anniversaries. So he takes a bunch of flowers, and sits down. ‘Quiet contemplation’ they call it. You can imagine his surprise when her spirit appears to him and has a go for buying cheap flowers from the garage. Still, he keeps going. Over the years, he gets to thinking that maybe he should have paid more attention to her when she was still alive.
Then, on what would have been their diamond anniversary she asks him not to bother coming next year, stick to the garden instead.
“Why?” he asks.
She fixes him a look and says, “‘Cos your brother’s about to cark it.” 



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3 responses to “The Sub’s Bench

  1. But the future can be changed!

  2. That’s too bad she doesn’t want him coming back to her bench anymore. What does it mean “to cark it?” Great story, just sad!

  3. It’s a lovely story, but it is hindered a bit by the voice you chose to use for the narrator. Kinda flip flops between a teenager and Geoff’s older voice. But other than that, it is a lovely story and I hope Geoff does indeed get his money’s worth 🙂

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