Right Of Admission Reserved (Daily Post)

This is my first bash at a Daily Post prompt. The theme was Saturday Night. Now, since I’ve become a parent, Saturday night’s have come to mean something very different but I couldn’t get a story out of an argument ablut what to watch on Netflix. As far as I could see, there’s no specific word limit so I haven’t tried too hard to edit this down below 151 words. 

Chris the doorman’s discovered Jesus. He doesn’t talk about it much; working in nightclub security, it doesn’t do to show a sensitive side. The lads might take the mick, and he’s not ready, yet, to turn the other cheek.
He doesn’t talk about the day job down the church, either, just tries not to yawn during Sunday morning prayers. He should do something more Godly, he know, but there aren’t many jobs for a man with his record. All he can do for now is quote Leviticus 10:9 at the punters as they puke on the pavement. Lately, though, the rev’s been hinting at an opening. Right up his alley, he says. Now, Chris knows pride’s a sin, but now, shivering outside the club, he can’t help feeling a glow of contentment as he pictures himself as security at the pearly gates, “If you name’s not down, you’re not coming in.”
<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/saturday-night/”>Saturday Night</a>


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