we are not a-mewsed

 this is a rare Friday Fictioneers foray. Thanks to Scott L. Vanatter for the photo. If you like this, feel free to take a peek at my third annual festive ghost story, first chapter here.

Season’s greetings.

“C’mon Tiggywiggy,” she said, “Do something funny for Mummy.”
The woman he’d grown to think of as ‘Mother’ gestured hopefully at the rustic obstacle course she’d laid out for him with one hand, and pointing her iPhone at him with the other. She’d been doing it ever since her video of him playing the piano had gone viral on youtube. The sad thing was, he knew he’d do it, if only for the can of tuna she’d give him as a reward.
Nine lives, he thought, rueing the fact he’d had to spend the last one as a corporate lawyer.



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6 responses to “we are not a-mewsed

  1. Lovely! Especially the last line. I’m not sure that cat deserves the tuna.

  2. A very interesting take on the prompt. Must think about this one for awhile. Thank you.

  3. If he does anything for a can of tuna, she will have him on video constantly!
    He may be ready when his 9th life comes and goes.

  4. Heheh, with his background, he could make a great tuna deal with the lady. Celebrity cat wouldn’t be the worst of fates. Fun story.

  5. I like a philosophical cat. Lawyers… well that’s another story. Nice one!

  6. He’s sure come down in the world – or maybe not. Fascinating and very entertaining story.

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