Insubordinate Claws

This is a word-limit flouting submission for Monday’s Finish The Story. If you enjoy this, you might want to check out my book which is currently free on Kindle (UK link here and US link here.) in a desperate attempt to promote my new book.

Thanks to Barbara W. Beacham for the inspiration.


He thought he’d found the perfect hiding place. Clara’s boyfriend had never taken to Pixie Bobtail and his sisters, but since his gold watch had gone missing, he’d been taking about Taking Matters Into His Own Hands and Doing Something About Those Infernal Kittens. His sisters had managed to escape but Pixie, who was a spectacularly unobservant kitten, hadn’t known what to do with himself. He’d been seconds away from a conference with Clara’s boyfriend’s boot when he saw the shiny velvet bag, and he’d known he was safe. He would never think to look for him there.
But Pixie Bobtail had been surprised when he’d crawled in and seen his sisters.
“Pixie,” said Trixie, his oldest sister, “What are you doing?”
“Hiding from Clara’s boyfriend,” said Pixie.
“In a bag?” said Bixie, his littlest sister.
Pixie was about to say, ‘Well, Duh’, when he realised his sisters looked like they were about to start crying. “What’s wrong?” he said.
“We’re cats,” said Trixie.
“In a bag,” said Pixie.
And then they both said together, “What do you think’s wrong?”
Pixie Bobtail, who was a spectacularly unobservant kitten, was just starting to realise when Clara’s boyfriend picked up the bag and drove them to the canal.
“You silly kitten,” said Trixie, but Pixie just smiled. His sister wasn’t to know that he’d brought the gold watch with him in the bag. Clara’s boyfriend probably wouldn’t spot it until he’d thrown the kittens into the canal. But Pixie knew he loved that watch, and once he saw it sinking into the muddy water, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself jumping in after it. Pixie also knew Clara’s boyfriend couldn’t swim.
Pixie Bobtail was a spectacularly unobservant kitten, but he had a quick brain and the sharpest claws this side of Droylsden. A velvet bag would be no match for them.
It had taken him a while, but he’d found the perfect hiding place.



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8 responses to “Insubordinate Claws

  1. I agree with Coastal Quill! What a rat he is!

  2. Never underestimate a cat! Nicely done Etienne! I just picked up your book. Thank you for another fine story to add to the Mondays Finish the Story line up. Be well… ^..^

  3. I hope Pixie and his sisters manage to escape from drowning. I also hope that Clara’s boyfriend doesn’t! Good story. 🙂

  4. Francesca Smith

    What a nasty piece of work that boyfriend is. Those who harm animals are the ones to stay well away from.

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