Rose Tinted Rifle Sights: The Stories


You’ll hopefully be aware by now that I have an anthology coming out on 31st July.  It’s available for pre-order now but, for those of you who can’t wait, this is the list of contents.

  1. YAN: A Tale Of Two Sideburns
  2. TAN: Peak fitness
  3. TETHER: I Can Mend Your Broken Heart
  4. METHER: You Should Never Listen To Rumours
  5. PIP: Vampyres of the Potteries
  6. AZER: The View From Across The Way
  7. SEZAR: The Girl At The Bus Stop
  8. AKKER: Scrubbing Up Well
  9. CONTER: Once Bitten
  10. DICK: Fromage to Catalonia
  11. YANADICK: Knuckle Down
  12. TANADICK: KL loves RM
  13. TETHERADICK: A Rational Explanation
  14. METHERADICK: The Cold Caller
  15. BUMFIT: Life, Still
  16. YANABUM: What Survives of Us
  17. TANABUM: Asking For It
  18. TETHERABUM: Styx and Stone
  19. METHERABUM: Eunuch of the Hare
  20. JIGGET: The Sorry Epiphany of Anton Karpov

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