Rose-Tinted Rifle Sights : The Blurb

Just a little plug for my new anthology, due July 31st. There’ll probably be more to come.

Rose Tinted Rifle Sights


Let Etienne Hanratty, author of ‘Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin’, take you to the darkest reaches of his twisted imagination. These twenty tales will take you to a place where sideburns talk, where vampires squat in suburban garages and where no punishment is too cruel or unusual for door-to-door salesmen. The faint-hearted need not apply but for everyone else, it’s time to try a new way of looking at the world around you.
Praise For Etienne Hanratty

” The writing is tight and crisp…kept me laughing out loud, a sure sign of good writing.

“You get so drawn in that even the unbelievable bits seem believable.”

“Great writing, loads of laughs, this is a real find.”


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