The Iowa Carcasses

This is my Friday Fictioneers submission for Wednesday July 1st, hastily conceived as I sit in a car park waiting for a meeting. It’s slightly over the 100 words, but nothing dramatic.

Incidentally, for anyone enjoying this,  you might be interested to know that I’ve got a near finished collection of short stories which I’ll hopefully be publishing sometime this month. No title, yet, and inertia could put paid to the whole enterprise but keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to Jean L. Hays for the inspiration.


“”Again?” asks Captain Connell, Des Moines PD.
Shears nods,”Householder reported her missing this morning.”
“He’s sure she’s gone?”
“Garage hadn’t been parked in.”
“Owner couldn’t have left the handbrake off?”
A shake of the head. “He’s hiding something, alright. But not that.”
Hesistantly, Farell asks, “Joyriders?”
Shears spits on the floor. “This was a professional job.”
“Our guy, then?”
Shears puffs out his cheeks, exhales, “CSI have been. Definite spatter.”
“Oil?” Asks the Captain, fearing the worst.
“Mostly. Some break fluid.”
Connell swallows, “So what do we do, detective?”
“Nothing we can do, Captain,” says Shears, “‘Cept wait for the chassis to turn up, hope he’s left some clues.”



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26 responses to “The Iowa Carcasses

  1. Dear Etienne,

    A mystery indeed. A couple of issues, I think you mean “Hesitantly” rather than “Hesistantly”. and CSI have been…? Aside from that I want to know more.



    • Thanks. And well spotted with the typoes. ‘CSI have been’ is one of those sentence constructions which possibly makes more sense in British English than American, but Hesistantly was definitely wrong. Ta.

  2. Anthropomorphic cars. That way lies madness. I’m sure that mine is plotting to kill me.

  3. ceayr

    Very clever, and most amusing.
    I like it.

  4. The worst really those stiffs turning up with rust.. like your take

  5. Amusing tale – I’d like to read on. Did you mean “brake” fluid?

  6. Very mysterious. A car wrecker? A car-gutting monster? I want to read more, too.

  7. Dale

    This was great!!

  8. I hope a sequel is on the cards for the mystery 🙂

  9. Interesting take on the prompt…like a scene out of a transformers movie maybe?!

  10. Lovely pastiche/parody. You had fun with this one.

  11. Good concept, Etienne. The storyline works, but I would recommend you run with something a little more familiar to you than a police department in Iowa. The conversation doesn’t fit the location. “Handbrake” would probably be “emergency brake” in Iowa, and “householders” in the states are generally referred to as “homeowners.”

    I hope you don’t mind these comments. You’re a fine writer, Etienne. I just think you might do better to stick to the conversation of regions you know a little better. That way your genius can show through.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

    • Not at all. To be honest, the setting was mainly a chance to use the pun in the title-which I then bottled by missing out the hyphen.Thanks for the suggestion. I am thinking about building on this, and if I do, it’ll be resolutely cheshire-based. Thanks for reading.

  12. They say the machines will take over the world, why not have the cars lead them. Love this, very well done!

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