Almasty International

This is my Friday Fictioneers submission for 24th April, after a long hiatus. Originally, I’d planned a jokier piece, but this is what emerged. Thanks to Doug MacIllroy for the picture.

Another research station, supposedly looking for minerals. They can’t admit it, but it’s us they’re trying to find. No such thing as yetis, they’ll say, as their eyes scan the horizon for dark, outsized figures.

We do what we can to make them leave us alone, hiding our civilisation, burying our dead where we know they won’t be found. At times, we’ve tried to disappoint them with yak pelts and the distorted footprints of bears. None of it has been enough to abandon their urgent, embarrassed quest.

I take the rock in my paw. The time has come.




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19 responses to “Almasty International

  1. I love the SF feel to it, hidden civilization and ever persistent intruders.

  2. Dear Etienne,

    The Yeti’s side. I love it. Welcome back.



    PS it’s “MacIlroy” a between the M and c. 😉

  3. The revenge of the Yeti. Great story!

  4. Cool. Yetis. Wish I’d thought of them! Great story.

  5. We humans are a tenacious species to be sure.

  6. Yet-i another take on the prompt 🙂 Nice.

  7. Good work this week. Etienne. Glad to see you back, swimming in these icy waters like the most adept of polar bears.

    All my best,

  8. Great story! I love the ending.

    Welcome back, and happy Earth Day😀

  9. And so the Yeti wars begin. I loved this original take.

  10. More direct action required. Nice story!

  11. I’m sure that were there Yetis, they’d feel this way.

  12. Great take on the prompt. 🙂 I love the thought of the Yeti’s having a whole hidden civilization and trying to throw the humans off the scent.

  13. Most imaginative. I love the yeti’s point of view. Not sure how long they can remain hidden, however, if they’re going to start throwing rocks.

  14. I like this a lot:) great work building sympathy for the yeti, and the violence feels like a necessary last resort… Good work

  15. In the end the Yeti will be forced to take the law into his own hands.
    A great take on the prompt.

  16. That doesn’t bode well for the researchers. The Yetis seem to know what happened to all the other isolated people after they were ‘discovered’. Great story.

  17. They want to see Yeti, and, by God, the Yeti are coming for them! 🙂

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