Canute Dig It?

This is my Sunday Photofiction submission for October 19th. Thanks, as always, to Al for the photograph.

-But, Sire…
-It’ll work, trust me.
-You sure you’ve thought how this’ll play in the shires?
-‘Course I have. That’s the point, isn’t it?
-It is?
-Oh yeah. Once they’ve seen this, they’ll know they can’t have tax cuts and increased public spending in the same fiscal year.
-But Sire…
-I just think it could blow up in your face.
-Like when Alfred the Great tried to show what a new man he was by making that baked Alaska.
-Won’t happen. I’ve got the best PR firm in the Danelaw on this.
-And this is what they’ve come up with?
-That’s right.
-Park your throne on the beach at Cleethorpes until the tide comes in?
-Shows I’m not infallible, doesn’t it?
-Does it?
-That’s what they tell me.
-You’re not worried it’s open to misinterpretation?
-Why should it be?
-You’re going to stand on the beach in a crown pretending to turn back the tide.
-Brilliant, isn’t it?
-It looks like a cautionary take about the dangers of hubris.
-I think you’re wrong, Canute.
-How can I be wrong? I’m king, aren’t I?




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6 responses to “Canute Dig It?

  1. Lyn

    LOL loved it Etienne. Just brilliant! If only history could really record conversations like this. It might mean much fewer idiotic decisions being made 🙂

  2. Al

    Absolutely brilliant.:-D

  3. Lovely. Shouldn’t that be Dave and George? Plus ca change.

  4. Another addition to ‘When PR Stunts Go Bad’! 😉

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