Oliver’s Army

This is a slightly delayed Friday fictioneerssubmission. I’m rather more pleased with the title than I am the story but them’s the breaks.

Thanks to Rochelle for the photograph, and, as always, for the inspiration.

On discovering he’d been transformed into an Octopus, Oliver’s immediate response was that he’d be able to learn the piano at last. His efforts as a schoolboy had ended in failure but he hoped the acquisition of additional appendages would lend him a degree of virtuosity. Sadly, his tentacles were too cumbersome to pick out individual notes and, for some reason, he was terrified of diminished 7ths.

He ended his days composing incidental music for straight-to-DVD thrillers, wishing bitterly that when he’d sued the nuclear power station, he’d held out for the antidote instead of settling for the Amazon vouchers.




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20 responses to “Oliver’s Army

  1. Poor Oliver. He wasn’t luck was he?

  2. Etienne,
    Well, I like it. It could be a little more refined, but I love the creativity here. I thought our hero would choose the drums over the keyboard, but straight-to-DVD thrillers probably provides a more reliable source of income than joining a garage band anyway.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  3. I love that the first thing he thought of after finding himself mutated is that he could now learn the piano. There’s dedication to art for you. Freakishly good!

  4. Ah.. you can only get so far with Amazon vouchers.. and I think fingers are better than tentacles in the end..

  5. Gosh, this is so unique! I love it! You are so clever, but he should of had a better lawyer. Playing the piano is a hoot! Nan 🙂

  6. Everyone’s terrified of diminished 7ths 🙂
    Sometimes it’s just too easy to take the first settlement you’re offered!

  7. This is fantastic Etienne! From the title to the diminished 7ths. Just wonderful. I’m sure Elvis Costello would love it too. 🙂 LHn

  8. Very funny one, Etienne. If I were an octopus, I would be VERY worried about the diminished sevenths.

  9. Dear Etienne,

    I can’t help but imagine Oliver at the piano trying to play with tentacles.



  10. Okay well…that made giggle out loud.

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