A Spirited Discourse

After a brief hiatus, this is my Friday Fictioneers submission for August 29th. Thanks to Madison Woods for the picture.


Anyone enjoying this story is welcome to investigate my flop novel.

-What seems to be the problem?
-It’s me ectoplasm, doc.
-…Just what line of work is it you’re in?
-I’m a spectre.
-A ghost?
-No, Doc. I’m a spectre, see? Ghosts are ten-a-penny?
-So what’s the difference?
-Do g…Spectres normally need the services of a general practitioner?
-Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of occupational hazards in the spectering gig.
-Such as?
-…Anyway, my ectoplasm.
-What’s the problem?
-Well, it’s sort of…rheumy.
-Rheumy? What colour?
-They call it Embarassed Penguin in the Dulux Catalogue. Normally, it’s Glittering Calico
-And when did you first notice it?
-I was doing a visitation?
-A haunting?
-A visitation… and it just sort of appeared…My victims were most embarrassed.
-I see.
-And it’s been the same ever since. I’m worried my visiting days are behind me.
-Right…Have you been near any Holy Water?
-Welsh priests?
-…Phone masts?
-You don’t know what’s wrong with me, do you, Doc?
-Perhaps you should brace yourself. I’m afraid it’s terminal, Mr Marley.
-Terminal? How long have I got?
-About six millennia.



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26 responses to “A Spirited Discourse

  1. Ah, the myriad colour shades of the infamous Dulux catalogue! Love the Dickensian kick at the end and Welsh priests – very cool!

  2. Etienne, Poor Mr. Marley. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I wonder where he’ll go next. If that’s “the” Mr. Marley, I don’t think I want to know. O_o Well written. ๐Ÿ™‚ —Susan

  3. That’s excellent, brisk dialogue.

  4. Very amusing, and well written dialogue. I love the paint chart references.

  5. Ha, Etienne, what a spectre-cal that must have been. Funny take and welcome back. I’m back after a long hiatus, but a lovely break.


  6. You have quite a spectral sense of humor, Etienne. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Welsh priests are a real no-no. Avoid them like the plague. Marley? Some reference to Dickens here?

  8. This spectre is a spoiled one!

  9. Dear Etienne, Good job and what is wrong with Welsh priests? I don’t know the difference, being protestant and all. Poor Mr. Marley! Thanks! Nan ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I reckon that the first FF ever with the line ‘Itโ€™s me ectoplasm, doc’ in it. Lovely.

  11. Mr. Marley! So fun. The dialogue in this is wonderful.

  12. Jacob Marley? I like this Very good. Lucy

  13. Thanks. Definitely THAT Mr Marley-the only literary ghost I could think of with a surname.

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