Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin: Can’t Give It Away?


Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin has been out a little over two weeks and, in spite of good feedback, sales have stalled.  I’ve tried almost everything to promote it.  Tweeting Johnny Marr, on the basis that the protagonist is a bit of a Smiths fan, and offering him a complimentary PDF was a particular low point.  Not unreasonably, Johnny didn’t reply.  If I’d been in his shoes, I wouldn’t have either, but it’s going to make listening to Strangeways Here We Come a bittersweet experience from now on.  Apart from that, there’ve been a lot of plugs on Facebook, a few threads on Authonomy and a lot of tweets.  I’ve also designed a rather natty new cover which I’m hoping readers will find evocative of the cover of a certain seminal 80s album (1). None of it particularly helped so I’ve decided to go nuclear and put the book on for nothing for three days.

As such, I’m pleased to announce DCMT will be free with effect from midnight Pacific time.  This translates to about 7am in the UK and quite a lot later than that the other major anglophone regions.  I’m hoping that quite a few people will use this as an opportunity to get the book and, ideally, put a review up. 

For any interested parties, DCMT is a comic crime novel about a Morrissey-fixated gangster who rats on his boss and finds himself regretting it when he sees what budgetary constraints have done to the witness relocation programme.  As the author, it’s not really for me to say, but it’s a book to which I’m proud to put my (pen) name.

Putative UK customers can find the book here.

American readers can look here.

It’s also available worldwide. I haven’t put the links up because it would be presumptuous but I’m reasonably satisfied they’re there to be found.

(1) Actually, the colour scheme is from the 1993 CD reissue.  The original album was a rather sludgy grey which looks dreadful as a thumbnail.


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