You know what? Stuff it.


I tried very hard to come up with a genuinely exiting launch campaign for my book. I’ve wanted to be an author for twenty years and I’ve been plugging at it seriously for the last two. Over that time, I’ve spent almost as much time fantasising about what it would mean to be an author as I have plotting out my books.  When I haven’t been at my laptop, the chances are, I’ve been thinking about how to bring Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin into the world and I was rather pleased with what I came up with. In recognition of the central character’s obsession, I was going to bring it out on 14th July to coincide with the release of Morrissey’s new album. I’d also devised a teaser campaign involving carefully recreated scenes from the book featuring goldfish from my local garden centre.  The idea was, I’d generate a word of mouth buzz behind the book that would ensure a successful first week. In the end, however, as soon as I uploaded it onto KDP, the exitement was too much and I hit ‘publish’ at the first opportunity.  The upshot is, the book is out now on Smashwords and will be released imminently on Amazon (complete with embarrassing typo in the blurb). 

I will probably persevere with the photographic campaign but my main focus now will be letting people know the book is out there.  Expect blogs and tweets to be a little needier from now on.

Anyone interested in the book can find it on Smashwords:

Amazon link to follow.


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