Clouded Judgement


This is my Friday Fictioneers submission for 11th July.  For other examples, see here ( Unfortunately, I’m typing this on my phone which makes it harder to do the link thing.  Thanks to Kelly Sands for the photo and, as ever, to Rochelle for the inspiration.  This one’s 100 words exactly.  I could have played around more if I’d ignored the word limit, but this one was more a chance to play with the formatting.  Incidentally, I wanted to call this The Nuages of Sin but my wife said it was pretentious.  Since I ignored her suggestion that I remove the word ‘kvetching’ and from my book after she beta read it, I felt I had to give her something.


                                               People just don’t appreciate the work that comes with being a cloud.

At first, when you look like a little fluffy rabbit, it’s fine;

                                       people love clouds that look like little fluffy rabbits.

But when you start getting

           bigger, and darker, it’s a different story.

                                                    Then they just shake their heads and complain.









And that’s it: a career over in seconds. No wonder some clouds get bitter and ruin village fetes and holidays. Me, I’m hanging on for St Swithin’s Day. That’ll teach the buggers for saying I look like a tortoise.



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37 responses to “Clouded Judgement

  1. Haha! Enjoyable journey, Etienne. Cheers!


  2. MrBinks

    Nicely done. I always enjoy reading pieces that give character to something other than a person.

  3. This really made me smile. Who knew clouds could think?

  4. I love clouds! Every shape and color. I think your story is so lovely.

  5. Etienne, I really enjoyed hearing from the point of view of a cloud. It looks like they enjoy asserting themselves from time to time. Amusing and well-written story. Creative way of formatting. 🙂 —Susan

  6. This is more to my liking… yes clouds do have heart!
    Excellently penned … errrrr.. keyboarded?

  7. Dear Etienne,

    I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…a rather different take on clouds. Fun.



  8. Hee Hee, that made me laugh 🙂

  9. Gorgeous take on today’s prompt. Love the POV. Alicia

  10. camgal

    Very nice, funny and different take entirely Etienne. I really enjoyed hearing the cloud’s side of the story for once 🙂

  11. So it’s your fault it always seems to rain on St Swithin’s day 🙂
    I liked the title and the way you laid it out. Great take on the photo!

  12. Very enjoyable. I always expected there were a few rogue clouds out there … now I know!
    By the way, I love the word ‘kvetching’ 🙂

  13. I enjoyed your take on the prompt and the great layout.

  14. Dear Etienne, Clouds can talk? I’m so very glad, I’ve looked at them from above and below, and below is more my style. In planes, looking down at clouds, they look like a soft mattress. I love the idea that clouds can talk. You did a superb job with this story! Nan 🙂

  15. Nice take on the prompt. I think it’s judgement could be a bit clouded though.

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