Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin D-6


“As Hope bemoans her taste in men, Conrad wonders if there’ll be toadspawn for tea.”

Taking the photos that appear in this series of blogs was a rather hit and miss experience.  Most of the time I pointed my iPhone at the fishtank and hoped for the best.  Most of the photographs were unusable; entirely serendipitously, some of them were rather good.  This one is neither.  I’ve included it here because the (oxymoronically) white and red fish goldfish on the right looks almost exactly like I imagine Hope, the little scouse fish who serves as the moral compass in the book.  Ideally, I’d have like to post a shot of the fish on her own but I only noticed this one as I was sifting through the photographs as I enjoyed my garden centre high tea (£6.99 with finger sandwiches and your choice of hot beverage).  Almost immediately, I took myself back to the tank to get another picture but there was no sign of the fish.  I accosted one of the garden centre employees as he was leaving the staff toilet but he said he knew nothing about it.  It was a pity, as he was clearly carrying a fish net in his back pocket and I’d have expected him to know something about the whereabouts of the creatures in his care.  I suppose it’s one of life’s little mysteries, but you really can get the staff these days.

More photographs to follow


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