Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin D-8


“Marley waits the new Morrissey album with trepidation”

All being well, my debut novel should be coming out on Amazon on 14th July.  Since the lead character is a Morrissey fan in pre-contemplation, it seemed fitting to release the book on the same day as Stevo-P’s first album in five years which I’m hoping, perhaps foolishly, will be a return to form. To commerate the occasion, I’ve decided to put up a photo every day depicting a character or scene from the book.  Unfortunately, the models showed precious little enthusiasm at the prospect of participating in the promotional campaign for a self-published e-novel and in the end I had to cut my losses and hang up my camera before I got turfed out of the garden centre again.  This is one of the better pictures and I’d like to think it’s a decent likeness of my lead character.

More to come tomorrow.


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