Knock Down Price


This is another Friday Fictioneersstory. It’s a sort of sequel to this one. Thanks to Mary Shipman for the photograph.

-This is it, then?
-This is it.
-And it’s genuine timber?
-100% stick.
-It’s in quite a state.
-Well, the vendor had to vacate unexpectedly. It’s reflected in the price.
-It’s practically derelict.
-There is some minor wolf damage, yes.
-It’s nearly as bad as that pile of straw you showed me in Cricklewood.
-…There were a few…structural issues but the vendor had built it himself.
-And was he a builder?
-No. He was something in sausages, I think.
-He shouldn’t give up the day job.
-He didn’t.
-And this really the only house you can show me?
-In your price range, yes.
-There’s really nothing else?
-Well…there is a brick house just come on the market. Zone 3. Convenient for the tube.
-Sounds good.
-The vendor’s just had a new patio put down, too.
-And between you and me, he’s in a hurry to sell.
-Sounds great..What are the schools like round there?
-Best show me round the stick house then.



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15 responses to “Knock Down Price

  1. Great. The sausages line really made me laugh.

  2. MrBinks

    Yes. Yes. Yes! Loved this. Brilliantly funny, and a great take on the prompt.

  3. Etienne, Well written and humorous. 😀 I can well understand the wolf damage. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

  4. Oh, my, this is an excellent take on the prompt. Loved the sausage line. Kudos.

  5. I agree the sausage line had me giggling. Well done!

  6. Fun take on the prompt. I love the character of the estate agent

  7. Great take. And who wouldn’t want to live in a little piece of history?!

  8. You write funny and very natural dialogue, Etienne. I could see it acted out like a play.

  9. Very funny! Like the other commenters I really loved the “sausages” section.
    When he finally decides on a house I hope no-one comes along and huffs and puffs and blows it down!

  10. 100% stick – loved it. Very funny stuff 😀

  11. Ha ha! This really bought home the bacon.

  12. Dear Etienne, Good job, very funny! Straw, sticks and bricks – wolves and then there are the sausages. You are a hoot – a wonderfully talented hoot! Nan 🙂

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