Mist Opportunity


This is a Friday Fictioneerssubmission. Normally, I try to alternate the serious and the trivial but this is my second piece of frivolity in a row. Eagle-eyed readers may spot parallels with a particular Portlandiasketch.

Over the last week, I’ve been trying to tease my NaNoWriMo project into a (self) publishable novella before Friday, then I’m away, so I may struggle to comment much but I’ll try.

Thanks to Erin Leary for the photo.

100 words.

Eamon had always been anonymous so when one day he disappeared altogether, no one was surprised . This upset Eamon mightily; if anyone had discovered the power of invisibility, it would have been An Event. At least, he hoped, it might improve his hide-and-seek technique but no one was willing to play with him now.

Eventually, he moved out to the Yorkshire Moors and got his kicks scaring unsuspecting ramblers by pretending to be a ghost. It was fun for a while, till he ran into a tourist named Lockwood and learned there was a time and place for practical jokes.



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44 responses to “Mist Opportunity

  1. Poor guy.. I guess if you are almost invisible to start with.. there is a struggle for people to really see that you are invisible.. I recall an episode in “Buffy the vampire slayer” with exactly that idea…

  2. Dear Etienne,

    Love the title. Is there anyone who hasn’t fantasized invisibility at one time or other?



  3. I was always dreaming about teleportation. And what a waste of superpower, lurking in marshes and scaring innocent souls. Good one, Etienne.

  4. Funny! I love the irony. I’m a bit confused about the Lockwood part… am I missing something?

    • P.S. love the title too! Hehe… can’t go past a good pun!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. The Lockwood part probably needs a few more words to work but I couldn’t think of another way to end the story. The idea was supposed to be that Cathy’s ghost in Wuthering Heights was actually Eamon taking malicious pleasure in scaring the book’s narrator but was a bit of an afterthought it wasn’t something that comes across well in 100 words.

  5. Etienne, Creative, well-written take on the prompt. I read Wuthering Heights so many years ago that I’d forgotten a lot and didn’t get the reference either. I thought it was a good story anyway though. 🙂 —Susan

  6. Good job, Etienne! Very funny. Gave old H.G. Wells a run for his money there. The Lockwood reference is great (glad you explained it, though, I never read Wuthering Heights — I DID see the movie with Olivier and Oberon).

  7. Poor Eamon – I suspect that over time he will become more and more mischievous as he starts to get the kind of reactions he never got before becoming invisible 😉

  8. Too be invisible, literally, would be kinda’ fun for awhile. To be it figuratively would be harsh. Well done.

  9. You had me at the title, Etienne, and frivolity is just fine. Count me in on missing the Lockwood reference. We’ve all now been exposed as Philistines or at least people with bad memories or who haven’t read WH recently or all of the above.


  10. AnElephant loves your story and is amused at your literary reference and, especially, dire pun!

  11. MrBinks

    Good fun. I totally got the Lockwood thing. Totally. Yup. Ahem.

  12. You don’t fool around on the Yorkshire moors, ghosts or no ghosts, visible or otherwise. Clever use of the mists.

  13. A most amusing little story you have delivered. Nicely done

  14. It’s a shame he didn’t use his new super power for fighting he forces of evil. Ah well, scaring ramblers is fun too!
    Great title 🙂

  15. I read Wuthering Heights but it has been years ago. I felt sorry for this boy who thought he was invisible but was dead.

  16. Charming tale of fun and games with invisibility. I would have liked more about his disappointment at being ignored – taking vengeance of some kind, but going out to the Yorkshire Moors works too.

  17. Love the play on the Title.

  18. Oddly, it seems that an overlooked person would be the most likely to discover the power of invisibility. I agree, he’s misusing the opportunity by simply haunting tourists.

    This is a good, fun story, Etienne, and a fresh telling of a plot that has been played with a little by screenwriters. Nicely handled.


  19. I can think of many pros (and cons!) to being invisible. Looks like your protagonist misused it 😉

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