Beached Wail


This is my Friday Fictioneerssubmission. Apologies but last week, I wasn’t able to find the time to read and comment on other stories because of ‘unforseen circumstances’ but I should be able to this time.

Thanks to B W Beacham for the photo (oddly redolent of the view of Spike Island from Widnes’ superlative Catalyst museum).

100 words exactly.

Gregor would have done anything to win Sally back. He tried poetry but his spelling let him down. Drinking numbed the pain but the people of Bridlington weren’t ready for the sight of a grown man weeping into a pint of Baileys. In the end, he took to staring moodily out to sea every day, dodging the dog walkers as his plimsolls got wet. He thought if he waited till the tide came in, maybe she’d see him and realise how much he cared. She never did, and by the time he realised it, he’d been washed halfway to Heligoland.



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27 responses to “Beached Wail

  1. Terrific description and mood. Poor guy–I hope he can dog paddle back for another pint.

  2. I can’t believe we both used “Beached Wail” although I used “beeched.” But your title works well here. I’m sorry to say that although you did made him a sad figure, I laughed at the end. 😦 What is the Baileys you refer to here? In the States, it’s a liqueur (and sweet), so the though of a pint of it makes me teeth stand on end!!


    • Oh no! I hope you didn’t have to change your title on my account. I can confirm that Baileys is the same stuff, though I’d have thought American palates would’ve been to discerning for it. I went with it here because the idea of drinking a pint seemed to capture a mix of decadence and despair.

  3. I was laughing from the title onwards. Weeping into a pint of Baileys … oh dear, no wonder Sally left.

  4. He’s a sad chap, but it’s a great story. And a great title, too!!!

  5. Dear Etienne,

    Sad tale of unrequited love and a great title to boot.



  6. A whole pint of Baileys! Boy, this guy’s got problems. And then staring moodily out to sea – I’m not surprised Sally’s not coming back.

  7. A pint of Baileys? At least he has good taste in liqueur, even though it seems he is literally a washout.

  8. Shows how all the mooning and wailing and despairing in the face of lost love never gets you anywhere, but we all do it anyway. Thanks!t

  9. Etienne, Humorous story. I had to Google “Heligoland” to see where poor Gregor was headed. XD Well done. 🙂


  10. And if she did see him there – and maybe she did – she would probably drive right by thinking what an idiot he was. Very fun story!

  11. So funny, so sad. Poor guy. Hard-hearted Sally. Lovely.

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