A little bit of frivolity here in response to Jeremy’s Daily Challengewhich I stumbled across thanks to a link on Al Forbe’s blog. This principle-which is explained better on Jeremy’s blog- seems to be to take three quotes and fashion them into a story or a poem. Not being particularly poetically inclined, I’ve had a bash at the former.

Maxwell Maltz said, “To change a habit, make a conscious decision, then act out the new behaviour,” so I decided to give up smoking, and try shoplifting instead.

Joseph Joubert said, “You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you”. Unfortunately, the security guard wasn’t buying it when I asked for directions in the bookshop with a copy of Sylvia Plath’s collected poems down the front of my trousers.

I decided to ‘fess up, but he wouldn’t let me go. I asked him if he couldn’t make allowances for my honesty but he said the truth was it’s own reward. Plato said that, he told me. I said that if that was the type of thing Plato came out with, it was no wonder he couldn’t get a girlfriend. The guard didn’t get that, said it was all Ancient Greek to him.

In the end, I hit him over the head with the Oxford Dictionary Of Quotations and legged it.



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2 responses to “Quote/Unquote

  1. I like this idea for a writing prompt – must give it a go but you managed it extremely well – I particularly liked the choice of book and the method of smuggling.

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