A Kept Man

This is my latest Friday Fictioneerssubmission. This week, I’ve ignored the word limit because I needed context. Generally speaking, I always try to stick to 100 words and I’ll be a good boy next week, I promise. Thanks to Bjorn Rudberg for the photograph and, as always, to Rochelle for the inspiration.

NB Apologies for my low commenting rate last week. Had a busy Easter so had little or no time for blogging

Ed pushed the terrine around his plate with the fork. It was cruel, really, stringing her along like this but everyone said it was best to pick a neutral venue to end a relationship. The most expensive restaurant in town was a neutral as they came, though it had perhaps been a little crass to order the tasting menu when she was paying. He let Fennella pay for everything. A kept man, his friends called him, though in truth he was little more than a gigolo with an MBA.

The lights dimmed and a brace of pinnafored musicians came to the table.

“Song for the lovers?” Asked the talker of the two in an accent that was pure Deptford. Ed had been about to decline when Fennella nodded.

The guitarist began to pick out a childlike melody. Ed had heard it before, though he couldn’t place it. As the music washed over him, he drifted to sleep. The room darkened; he felt his limbs grow heavy. He looked over at Fennella, saw her features had settled into a strange smile. For the first time, he realised how beautiful she was, for a wealthy older woman, at least.

The next morning, he woke up in Fennella’s bed, an engagement ring on his finger and no recollection how it had come to be there.




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39 responses to “A Kept Man

  1. Dear Etienne,

    For a good story you’re forgiven your word count infraction.

    Typo alert: “as neutral as.”



  2. A great title and a sweet storyline! I’m not sure it needs the context, as it would still be a strong piece at 100 words (maybe starting at ‘Song for the lovers’?)

  3. I loved this story…
    A really good story…
    So the word count doesnt matter!

  4. A story where table turns is always great… good to have good help in making a dream come true.

  5. Oh, boy, a turn from freedom to the old ball and chain. Perhaps less drink next time? At least his last thought the night before was that she was beautiful.

  6. Roofied into an engagement where she even provides the ring? When you said the singers were pinafored, I had visions of The Family vonTrapp. 🙂


  7. Looks like this gal is going to get him one way or the other. It also looks like she has concocted a love potion of some kind. 🙂 Good story

  8. Where can I get some of that stuff? Haha..kidding!

  9. Pretty brilliant if she lets him live – that way she can torment him forever! Very good story. Thanks, Nan 🙂

  10. Nice story about a not-so-nice pair. Maybe they deserve each other. I like that, in his drugged state, he saw her as beautiful.

  11. A very mysterious older woman, possibly even dangerous

  12. Whoops! Who’s the real player after all?!

  13. “Kept man” is about right. I think he’s in for an interesting life.

  14. He needs to run. This relationship can only end in death and disaster.

  15. Dee

    Kept man,but for how long? Sense some danger there, hope she manages to turn the tables

  16. It sounds like his decision to leave her was the right one – let’s hope he manages to do so before it’s too late.

  17. love how the tables were turned. guess what, i know a “kept man” and he has the same name. lol 🙂 great story.

  18. Love it! Might be a bit too late for escape by the Young Gigilo. Fennala hasn’t given up. Shanda

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