Food bank blow is new low for the Mail on Sunday

Two days later, I’m still angry about this story, but it’s a rage I’ve struggled to chanbel. The best I’ve managed are a couple of incoherent tweets and a message to Mr Slater’s Facebook account expressing polite disappointment. The writer below has managed to distill my feelings about this shameful episode whilst helpfully providing some content which establishes, beyond any doubt, that Messrs Murphy, Manning and Slater are guilty of an utterly despicable act.

That said, I wouldn’t advocate their dismissal-the Mail makes an ideal repository for ‘journalists’ like them though Slater appears to be a freelance and I suspect he might find that the offers of work dry up a little after this.
If you’re as saddened as I am by this whole thing then I urge you to donate to the Trussell Trust rather than bay for the blood of a hapless trio of hacks.

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Who do you bank with? This piece of public opinion was picked up from Twitter [Author: Unknown]. Who do you bank with? This piece of public opinion was picked up from Twitter [Author: Unknown]. Isn’t it a shame that on of our national Sunday newspapers has chosen to disrupt everybody’s enjoyment of our Easter eggs with a specious attempt to expose abuses of food banks and make operator the Trussell Trust look hypocritical?

Isn’t it also a shame that the Mail on Sunday didn’t make a few inquiries into the procedure for dealing with people who turn up at food banks without having been referred?

The paper’s reporters and editor could have, at least, opened a dictionary and looked up the meaning of the word “charity”.

Under the headline, ‘No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims’, the paper today (April 20) published a story claiming that Trussell Trust food banks are breaking their own rules by…

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