Warrah Carve-Up (with apologies to Jonathan Coe)

After a week off, this is my Friday Fictioneers submission for April 18th. It probably has its origin in thisarticle by John Harris in the Guardian which drew me in Yesterday. In a former life, Harris edited Select Magazine which gave the world Britpop and is this responsible for killing of the far more interesting musical phenomena which sprung up in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

As always, I was unable to come up with a title so went with a pun. For more about the Warrah (almost as sad a story as the thylacine see here

Thanks for reading (110 words)

Photo copyright Douglas McIlroy

Once the gentrification process was complete in inner Atlantis, property values soared. Ordinary Atlanteans, unable to afford the exorbitant cost of living were pushed to the outskirts. Commentators asked if nothing been learned from the examples of Ys and Lyonesse. Others pointed out that central Atlantis had one of the most vibrant cultural quarters in the ocean but Atlantean keyworkers, forced to hotbed with penguins and Octopi, this was of scant consolation.

In the end, the government did what governments always do and outsourced the problem. A sink estate was built in the Falklands. Concerns were, predictably, raised but the Prime Minister scoffed, what, he asked, could possibly go wrong?




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33 responses to “Warrah Carve-Up (with apologies to Jonathan Coe)

  1. Great take on the prompt. I enjoyed reading your story and pondering ‘What could possibly go wrong?’

  2. Yes, nothing ever goes wrong in the Falklands. 🙂 Nice story and a funny idea.

  3. Dear Etienne,

    Never ask the question “what could possibly go wrong.” Not unless you’re prepared for the answer. Quite a story.



  4. Loved the line about governments doing what governments always do. Too true. It’s sad, really.

  5. This story is an old one indeed. Those with less money are pushed to the outskirts of everything, including life itself. Good story and well written.

  6. WELL DONE! Lovely use of the English language with your well chosen words

  7. That was fun in a sad sort of way.

  8. “What could go wrong” famous last words!

  9. A fun little story. What could possibly go wrong, indeed!

  10. mscwhite

    Really interesting take on the prompt!

  11. I enjoyed your take on the prompt. Loved the idea of gentrification in inner Atlantis.

  12. Reminds me a lot of Lawhead’s interpretation of the Arthurean Legend. He managed to bring Atlantis into it as well. Nice job!

  13. Etienne, This was very clever. Know I really know what happened to Atlantis. It’s interesting how history repeats itself through the blinders “What could possibly go wrong?” Dana

  14. Very clever and fun, Etienne. Seems some knocking on wood, is due at the end. 😉

  15. Great story – don’t ever say “What could go wrong?” Everything, like sinking into the ocean and vanishing for all of time. Oh where art thou Atlantis? Good job! Nan 🙂

  16. What could possibly go wrong…. Ah, that classic line. I half added a “dum dum dum” to the end for dramatic effect. Good story

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