They Do Things Differently

This is my second Friday Fictioneersattempt. I actually had this idea first, but the other onetook flight earlier. I was a little worried that this one might read as being in poor taste, but I’m now fairly satisfied I’ve managed to strike the right note (even if I did have to jettison my preferred title, “Call the Copse” to avoid charges of frivolity). Photo copyright John Nixon. 100 words.


I try to get my kids to come with me to the woods, but they’re happier indoors. I wonder, sometimes, what’s changed and whether the technology has robbed is of something. Years ago, I’d cycle here with my brother, climb trees, build dens, the usual stuff. He enjoyed surprising me by springing out on me from behind a tree when I least expected it. He still does it today, but he’s thirty-five now, and his belly hangs down either side. I still feign surprise, though, because I blame myself for his accident and no one else will come.



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24 responses to “They Do Things Differently

  1. Superb! A most excellent story!

  2. A very sad story.. I think you did right on the title…

  3. I like it, whichever title manages to stick to it ultimately, Etienne.


  4. Very sad – both about her brother and about kids not wanting to play outside. We do ‘non-screen day’ once a week which the kids pretend to hate but always end up enjoying despite themselves!

  5. Erratum : technology has robbed Us … Please delete after correction Tay

  6. A very thoughtful story with a true, but unfortunate, theme. It saddens me to see the younger generations growing up in front of screens instead of experiencing the beauty of nature. Wonderful work!

  7. Oh, sad, sad, sad, on several levels… Well done.

  8. Well told with a great ending. Your title is excellent. I often change the title once I am satisfied with the story, especially in flash fiction where every word and nuance needs to add something to the story.

  9. Very sad, Etienne and a lot of story packed into a hundred words.



  10. Dear Etienne, This is so good! When I was young we didn’t watch very much television at all. We rode our bikes everywhere and built forts to keep the boys out and had tea parties, played midnight games and I just loved summertime! My boys had to play outside except for 2 hours a day they had to read inside. I love your story! Thanks for the good memories! Nan 🙂

  11. camgal

    Quite sad but well written Etienne 🙂

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