Arboreal Gone Kid

This is my Friday Fictioneerssubmission for the week. I have an idea for another one which I may explore over my lunch break but for now, this is my take on John Nixon’sphotograph.

This one’s 92 words. I tried to get it up to an even hundred but it felt like padding.

I’m well aware the title ages me and the reference to Deacon Blue allows the reader to accurately pinpoint my position on the coolness spectrum, but It fits.

Finally, last week I was so busy I had very little time to read and comment on other stories. Hopefully, things should be better this time but please accept my apologies.


This is where civilisation goes to die. About a mile from the outskirts of town, where the wood thins out and the fisher cats become daring. I’ve been watching for centuries, millennia even; waiting for the right moment. Things got a little hairy about fifty years ago when the peace broke out, but I never doubted our day would come. It was a relief when they started kicking seven bells out of each other again. Normal service, predictably, resumed.

Soon, it’ll be time to take back what they stole from us.

Incidentally, Deacon Blue were one of those bands who produced generally mediocre music but who could, if so minded, have put out a decent greatest hits EP (Real Gone Kid, Twist and Shout, Your Town, Will We Be Lovers +/- one of their Bacarach and David Covers). INX are another one though theirs would only have three tracks (Never Tear Us Apart, Heaven Scent (sp.?) and Beautiful Girl). Still, that’s no mean feat, a lot of groups couldn’t even manage that, particular when facing awkward doorstop encounters with Sir Bob.

(Nb, I’m aware this coda shows my age far more than naming my story after a song which is currently getting heavy rotation on an opticians ad at the moment)z



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18 responses to “Arboreal Gone Kid

  1. Etienne, I like the story very much, but even as a fellow oldster (although probably an older one than you), I don’t know the song. 😦 As for not reading, some weeks are like that. Real life must/should take precedence.


  2. I love your first line. And especially I liked, “where the wood thins out and fisher cats become daring” You have a very nice way with words.

  3. ah. I loved your words here.. though I have to admit. the songs were not known to me.. but the melody in your story shines.

  4. Peace breaking out is indeed an awkward moment for certain parties. 🙂


  5. Dear Etienne,

    I’m not familiar with Deacon Blue, but then there are a lot of bands I never heard of and my husband will look at me and say, “Really?”

    “peace broke out” an interesting concept. Nice one.



  6. Great last line, and I guess we did steal it…

  7. camgal

    Beautifully written Etienne 🙂 this one is very conceptual and gave me things to think about.

  8. Great read, you did right not to make it up to 100 words for the sake of it. The story words perfectly as it is.
    Whether its to do with age or geography, I remember all the songs you mentioned!

  9. Good story – however I don’t remember the songs either but I think I did hear of the group. Oh well, your story is wonderful. Thanks, Nan 🙂

  10. Eerie. I’ll be looking over my shoulder all week now. Good take.

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