Rolling Contract

This is my second Friday Fictioneers submission this week. This time, it’s a direct response to Rochelle’s challenge to turn in a story in 36 words or fewer. This one’s 35 and it’s a sort of companion piece to my earlier story, Immoral Urnings which seems to have disappeared into the ether.

Photo Copyright Rochelle


When Sisyphus started getting on, the gods bought him a stairlift. 13 months later, it broke. Should’ve stuck to the weight limit or got an extended warranty, said the shopkeeper. He won’t make that mistake again.



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12 responses to “Rolling Contract

  1. Love it etienne I do like the humour you employ both in the story and in your attempt to placate Rochelle…..35 words is no mean feat.

  2. Lighthearted and fun with just enough of a serious bent to make it worth reading. Nicely handled.

  3. Short but humorous and well done.

  4. 35 words is just a greeting to me. Good job! Nan 🙂 Isn’t Rochelle absolutely fabulous?

  5. lol. hilarious 🙂 and wow 35!!!

  6. Indeed .. poor Sisophys need to carry that stone again.. great use of words.

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