The Hills Of Yesterday

This is a Friday Fictioneerssubmission. This time, the word limit was a real struggle and I had to cut a lot out to get it to 110 words. Photo copyright Danny Bowman.

The Troll King realised the goats were planning war when one of them stole his ice cream at Cromer.

The Trolls drove the enemy into the hilly Norfolk Wilderness but there they had to stop; goats were better equipped for the mountainous terrain.

There was only one solution: raze the hills to the ground. Some called it overkill until the King reminded them they’d never been trapped on the wrong side of a style by a recalcitrant angora.

Thusly, the hawks had their way and the goats were driven and the Trolls were free to flood the newly flat East Anglian landscape and make their homes under the resulting bridges.




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38 responses to “The Hills Of Yesterday

  1. Dear Etienne,

    Ice cream theft is serious business for the Trolls. They went to a lot of trouble against the goats. Good one.



  2. Etienne, it sounds like an entire herd of Billy Goats Gruff’s relatives!! 🙂 My guess is the trolls had been waiting for revenge for a very long time.


  3. Oi, this is my home you’re disposing of here… 😉 Great take on the prompt.

  4. Dee

    I don’t know if it’s my pc, but your first line is lost in line about Danny’s photo and I missed the bit about the King and ice cream. – perhaps you need a space or two. Once I got that, the whole thing made sense.
    Love your humour – it is a dangerous thing to steal anyone’s ice cream/

  5. Good story and well done. I hadn’t heard that story about the goats and trolls for ages. That brought back memories. Makes we wonder why humans never know these things are taking place.

  6. This must be the backstory of the whole troll-goat enmity. I like it. 🙂

  7. wo! a good one there – combo of Trolls and Goats !! 😀

  8. Funny story and clever use of the old Billy Goats Gruff story. Still chuckling.

  9. Stealing a cone–the new alternative to throwing down the gauntlet? Fun take on an old tale.

  10. Ha!ha!I like this new take on Billy goat Gruff and the troll(s)-stealing ice-cream is definitely criminal-so they had to pay!Loved the phrase”..they’d never been trapped on the wrong side of a style by a recalcitrant angora”Lol!.

  11. A history lesson! Thank you – this explains so much!

  12. Trapped by an angora sweater? Ouch!

  13. ha.. I can totally understand the troll here…

  14. Jim Kane

    I get very out of con-trolling when my ice cream is messed with!
    Nicely done!

  15. What a fun response to the prompt! That fairytale scared the living daylights out of me when I was little. If only I had known it was all because a goat stole a troll’s ice cream . . . Yeah, you don’t touch a troll’s ice cream, and you’d better not touch my ice cream either! Nobody comes between me and my Ben and Jerry’s!

  16. enjoyed your response to the prompt. 🙂 awesome how you created something really fun and fantastical out of a gloomy looking prompt 🙂

  17. Sun

    love your troll and goat story…and to add ice cream theft. perfect!!

  18. camgal

    Hehe, what a sweet crime 😉 nice take on the prompt.

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