Quarterly Report (Self-Indulgent Non-Fiction)

I started this blog towards the end of October 2013, almost a year to the day after I started out on my first (unpublished) novel. As someone who’d exhibited an almost medieval fear of the Internet in the noughties (regular spates of self-flagellation on Guardian Unlimited Talk aside), I’ve found the experience of keeping a blog surprisingly enjoyable. Now, three months or so down the line, it’s time to take stock.

I suppose the first thing I’d say is that I haven’t used this in the way I planned. I don’t think that’s a bad thing but it is a thing.My intention was that I’d use it to showcase and develop my writing across a range of genres. I was going to put up short stories, excerpts from my novels (current count: 2, both of which are hiding out in a virtual drawer somewhere looking rather tired and sporting the bibliographic equivalent of 5 o’clock shadow) and such other things as the fancy took me. One idea was to branch out into music ‘journalism’. I’d planned a series on under appreciated albums. That didn’t get far, though the first two were going to be Baby I’m Boredby Evan Dando and Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tearsby Wendy James. Both of those records deserve a wider audience, but I’m not the man to give it to them. Another plan I had, inspired by a selfish eejit in a Mark II Golf ar Biddulph Grange, was to start a forum for the public shaming of what Larry David calls pig parkers.

In the end, inertia set in and I did none of these things. Instead, I’ve put up about three short stories, a post in which I unwisely compared myself with Napoleon Bonaparte and flash. A lotof flash. This was something I’d never really considered before but I’ve enjoyed it immensely, to the extent that it’s rather taken over the blog. It’s given me a chance to hone my writing and explore different literary moods. More disturbingly, it’s awoken a weakness for puns which I thought I’d suppressed in 1986. Again, this is a thing, but not necessarily a bad thing.

For the future, I’d like to get back to short stories. My plan would be to put up at least one a month. I’d also hope that at some point, I might share a few excerpts from my novels though. And, of course, there’ll be plenty more flash through groups like Friday Fictioneers and Sunday Photo Fictioner and any others I might come across.

All in all, my first foray into blogging has been a blast (an awkward phrase for a thirty-something British father of three but hey ho). Here’s to the next three months. Thanks for reading.


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