Deep Space Whine

This is a Sunday Photo Fictionstory. I wanted to get away from the format I used last week but this idea just took hold. Normal service should be resumed next week. Apologies for the title; I could have spent all night thinking of a better pun. The photo is apparently of the Beagle 2 probe. Sadly, I can’t see who took it but it was a lovely prompt so thanks

-So what is it?
-A probe.
-A what?…They didn’t mention anything about that on the job spec.
-Why should they?
-Because it’s a liberty, that’s why. First thing I do when I get back, we’re going to have a word with our union rep.
-But, Chip…
-Aldrin wouldn’t have stood for this, I can tell you.
-Listen, Chip…It’s not for us. It’s a lunar probe.
-What’s that when it’s at home, Buck?
-It’s to take samples of rock.
-Dunno… It’s science, isn’t it? If we know what the moon’s made of we can…er…
-But I thought we all knew it was made of cheese.
-Was that a joke?
-Er…yeah…So, Buck, we’ve come all the way to the moon…to collect bits of rock?
-That’s right, Chip.
-What a waste of everybody’s time.
-What is?
-This. I mean, why bother?
-It’s a hell of a journey to collect rock samples.
-But, it’s like…important that we know what space is made out of. It’s like Teflon.
-What about Teflon?
-They discovered that because they went to space.
-…Dunno. But can you imagine washing up in zero gravity? I expect they thought it’d save time.
-But, is this where you thought you’d end up doing when you started astronaut school?
-I guess so…You?
-I thought I’d be shooting aliens and that. Maybe, that comes later.
-Maybe…But I think it’s mainly about collecting rock samples.
-Bugger…I knew I should’ve paid more attention in school….Let’s have a look at this probe.
-I dunno, Captain Anstruther said I’d to look after it.
-Just give it over
-I’ll tell Anstruther you tried his spacesuit on if you don’t.
-Alright, then.
-It’s rubbish, is this. Like one of those automatic Hoover things.
-I suppose.
-What’s this wire hanging out the back?
-It’s a plug.
-A plug?
-Yeah, Chip. How do you think we’re going to get it going?
-But Buck…What are we going to plug it into?
-Houston, we have a problem.




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11 responses to “Deep Space Whine

  1. Al

    Haha that is brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€ I didn’t see that coming at the end. I thought they were going to break it lol This is better Fantastic

    • Thank you. I was intrigued by the wire and once I’d seen that, I couldn’t get past it. Not sure if this was your photo, but if it was, great prompt.

      • Al

        I believe that’s the part that would scoop soil samples. There was a complete display with loads of different pieces. I wanted to go back with my daughter, but she wasn’t interested. Too busy thinking about shops lol

        Thank you :-). All the photos in the SPF are ones that I have taken myself ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Interesting.

        Have a similar problem if I want to take my girls to Jodrell Bank, though I can usually bribe them with a promise of twenty minutes on the black hole simulator.

      • Al

        Haha that sounds like it could be fun ๐Ÿ™‚ In the Space centre, there is a 4D trip through space narrated my Luke Skywalker – well that was what I told my son. It’s Mark Hammill so same thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although my daughter does want to go to the Natural History Museum in London for her 16th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m chuckling at the last line, the dialogue in this works so well and the characters bounce off one another brilliantly.

  3. This is great etienne, loved it, made me laugh, excellent and a very witty ending. I seem to be reading a lot of dialogue on this prompt. Great isn’t it?

  4. This was great! Loved the dialogue! Can soo hear that conversation ๐Ÿ™‚

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