Fat Lass Shrugged


This Friday Fictioneers submission is really a title in search of a story. Last week, I wrote about zombies moving to Switzerland to minimise their tax liabilities. I badly wanted to use this week’s title but zombies aren’t known for obesity or stoicism so I had to park it. Fortunately, Claire Fuller’swonderfully evocative photograph gave me another chance to use a relatively weak pun…(Apologies in advance if the use of the word/ ‘fat’ or ‘lass’ offend or if you find the attribution of political views reductive.

100 words exactly.

When Mary Celeste came back to her lingerie factory after lunch to find her entire workforce had vanished, she was nonplussed. Perhaps, she thought, they’d gone to work for Rowan Noake’s down the road.

It was a natural consequence of lax labour laws, said the conservatives. The socialists disagreed: after years of exploitation, the employees had revolted. Nonsense, said the feminists: they were standing up against the patriarchy. The animal libbers claimed the staff had developed a conscience over the mistreatment of silkworms.

Mary just sighed. It had probably been a bad idea to relocate operations to the Bermuda Triangle.



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40 responses to “Fat Lass Shrugged

  1. Haha! Loved the title and the rest of the puns.


  2. Indeed a bad idea… Loved the punch line.

  3. Loved the title, and the story. I’m intrigued by the title. Where I came from originally there were two sayings attributed to ‘fat lass’. One was “she scrubs up well for a fat lass,” and the other was “she don’t sweat much for a fat lass.” 🙂

  4. I nice build up. Love the humor.

  5. You are so good at this! Thanks, Nan

  6. kz

    lol 🙂 thanks for the chuckle. i loved the title as well 🙂

  7. How funny! That was not the ending I was expecting at all.

  8. Great story – she’s starting to find out why the real estate was so cheap there!

  9. Dear Etienne,

    The title alone had me rolling. I know what you mean about making the story fit the title. Good job on that.



  10. Ayn Randers beware! I can sympathise with getting a great phrase in your head and just having to roll with it!
    I’m not writing this week, but I’d love it if you’d drop by my blog for a second anyway, I posted a big announcement today

  11. Aha! Nice twisting ending to an entertaining little tale! 😀

  12. camgal

    Very witty 🙂

  13. I knew when I read the characters name that something was up, and in fact it was down, but a great story, so well written.

  14. Thunderous applause and a light chuckle come from this corner of the universe. You’ve used 100 words to deftly weave a story that those of any political persuasion can enjoy. The twist at the end simply sings. Bravo! Bravo! I want to read more of your work.

  15. Ha!ha!Etienne,you really made me laugh aloud -such a fun read-loved it:-)

  16. Ha, loved it–especially the title. You gals can get away with writing about fat chicks, but it’s thin ice for us guys (even us fat ones) 🙂

  17. The last line was hilarious! Nice build-up and of course, what a title 😀

  18. Pithy little gem. Great stuff.

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