Help Me, Rhondda

Photo Copyright Bjorn Rudberg
This is my latest Friday Fictioneers submission. This week, I really struggled to think of anything and most of my ideas were essentially retreads of my highly evolved hermit crab story from a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where my inspiration came for this one but it is an idea I might explore in more detail in due course. Incidentally, I am increasingly aware that, since starting this blog, I’ve done almost nothing apart from Friday Fictioneers. I can’t promise that’ll change but I am-sort of-thinking about posting a belated review of Bruce Springsteen’s majestic new album though I expect apathy and an inability to write about music might get in the way. Other FF submissions, generally notpreceded by rambling prefaces like this can be found here

100 words, exactly.

Jack and Jill grew up in the only 2 houses their side of the valley. Their parents always assumed they’d get it together. For a while, the kids, being too young to know better, thought the same.

If it didn’t feel like love, it was because she didn’t know what love felt like. Jill moved on, took up with a married labourer from Swansea. Jack didn’t. He’s still there now, hoping she’ll come back. She didn’t when her old man died but Jack hopes she will before they flood the valley to make a reservoir. But if she doesn’t, he’ll wait.



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31 responses to “Help Me, Rhondda

  1. True love, one the part of one of them anyway. Nice one.

  2. Poor Jack, a case of unrequited love. Or maybe one day Jill will come back.
    If they do flood the valley, I hope he won’t remain waiting there!

  3. ps I like the title, with the story presumably set in Wales tying in with the Beach Boys song.

  4. Oh this is sweet. I really really hope Jill comes to her senses and returns to Jack! Its amazing how we’re sometimes so unaware of someone who loves us truly…and we think we never found love.

  5. Love can withstand all. Very nice.

  6. Way to capture the nature of unrequited love!

  7. Ah, all the poor Jacks in this world. Will any of them avoid drowning for nothing?

  8. Good story – sad but interesting. So they are going to put a lake there, I hope she comes back. Thanks, Nan

  9. Dear Etienne,

    I feel for Jack, caught in the flood of unrequited love. Nicely done.



  10. Poor old Jack. She’ll never return. Time for him to look for a married labourer from Swansea. Or anywhere.

  11. Now I’ve got “Help Me, Rhonda” knocking about in my head. Oh, well, there are worse things that could get lodged there. 🙂


  12. She will never return.. actually I think it’s the soil and not her that ties Jack to the ground.. The countryside is always just men… the women leave and leave lonely men..

  13. I agree with, Bjorn. She ain’t coming back. Jack’s hope is just a fantasy. The story made this old limerick come to mind.
    Jack & Jill went up the hill. They each had a dollar and a quarter.
    When they came back she had two and a half. They didn’t go up for water.

  14. I left a comment, but it disappeared when I clicked post. I agree with Bjorn. She ain’t coming back. Poor Jack needs to stop holding to that fantasy and find a gal who like to dig in the dirt.

  15. Oh poor Jack but if Jill did not feel “love”,at least she was honest enough to move on,instead of stay on pretending-that would have been worse!A unique piece:-)

  16. Oh my; I hope he realizes he’s too good for her before they flood the valley.

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