Proper Cliffhanger

This is a Friday Fictioneers submission. For me, see here. Photo copyright Dawn Q Landau.

-You seen what he’s done over there? Asked the Limpet.

-What? said the barnacle

-Only gone and built himself a bungalow.


-‘Im. That hermit crab. ‘E’s built hiself a bungalow.

-Oh, right.

-It’s showing off is that. Time was, he’d’ve been happy with a shell.

-A shell, yes.

-If you ask me, it’s been happening since they started dumping radioactive waste in the sea. They’re getting cleverer.

-The crustaceans are getting cleverer?

-Well…not the prawns.

-Oh well.

-Oh well? It’s a bleeding liberty.

-‘Sprogress, innit?


-Yeah. You gotta keep with the times. You can’t keep clinging on. 20140108-170740.jpg



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26 responses to “Proper Cliffhanger

  1. I enjoyed the playfulness of this and the last line.


  2. Nice twist having the sea life communicate.

  3. I love the accent. And a hermit crab with vision makes for a lovely take on the story.

  4. That was great – it out a smile on my face on a rainy morning.

  5. Those hermit crabs are getting ambitious. Soon they’ll be taking over campers and really going places.

  6. Everyone notices the neighbors!

  7. kz

    haha this was clever, funny and certainly made me smile 🙂

  8. Great dialogue, and dialect. Unusual take on the prompt.

  9. I can just imagine this as any two friends or neighbours having a gripe! Very clever last line.

  10. Thanks for the story – it is cute and clever! Nan

  11. Dear Etienne,

    Unique scenario and clever dialogue made this an entertaining read.



    • Thanks a lot, Rochelle. Please can you accept my apologies on behalf of the group for my failure to comment on many stories this week. Have been chock-a-block with work all week and we’re almost on Wednesday already.

  12. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a hermit crab trying to make a better life for himself.

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