Shoes Life


Photograph Copyright Adam Ickes

(This is my Friday Fictioneers [] submission for Friday December 13th. In keeping with the date, I’ve gone for a slightly spooky theme. I’m away for a few days now so apologies if I’m late in commenting on other submissions

138 words)

Occasionally, you see them: single shoes left out for their, presumably absentminded, owners to retrieve. As kids, we’d say they’d been borrowed by the fairies to hide their pointed feet. Two shoes together, though, that’s s rarer sight. How anyone could fail to notice Nice ones, too; they wouldn’t have come cheap.

I try to get up, examine them closer but I can’t get up from the bench. The boots look familiar; I have a pair like these. I was wearing them this morning…


I look down at my feet. They’re bare, reddening in the cold. I should have felt something, but they’re numb.

A shadow falls over me.

The last thing I notice before he knocks me unconscious is his face. It’s elfin, certainly, but it’s harder than I expected, not like a fairy’s at all.



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13 responses to “Shoes Life

  1. Ah,that’s how they steal them boots,eh? ;-)Enjoyed this creepy and scary tale:-)

  2. Nice one! Suitably spooky for Friday 13th. I am new to FF so this is my first visit.

  3. Oh that was spooky .. real spooky.. great take.

  4. Not sure what’s happening here. I like that.

  5. Dear Etienne,

    So that’s how my son always managed to lose a shoe. He told me it wasn’t his fault and I didn’t believe him. Rather spooky.



  6. Could be a Grimm Brothers story (or Grim, in this case). Their stories often were a bit grim, too.


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