Winner Certificate

This evening, I logged onto the NaNoWriMo site and hit ‘validate’.  I am, officially, a NaNaNoWriMo winner.  I expect the buzz will wear off eventually, but for now I’m riding it, at least until I manage to find something good to watch on Netflix.

The first draft of Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin is complete at 51,767 words, only some of them superfluous.  Eagle-eyed readers may remember a Friday Fictioneers posts with a similar title (  For the extended version, I’ve removed most of the whimsy, replaced it by swearing and references to late 20th century pop icons and set it in Warrington (for any Americans who’ve strayed here, Warrington is the Bridgeport, Connecticut of England; interestingly, it’s not far from a place called Hartford, either).  In spite of my having completed it in just shy of four weeks, it’s better than either of my unpublished novels 

I would hope to have some of it up here and on my Authonomy page and perhaps even my Wattpad tumbleweed farm by mid-December and aim to self-publish early 2014.  For a very rough draft of the first chapter, see here (


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