Director’s Cut (With Apologies to L Frank Baum)-Friday Fictioneers Submission

This is a submission for Friday Fictioneers ( Tragically, I’m far too stupid to know how to include the picture that inspired the story but you’ll find it if you follow the link.  As always, i’ve failed to keep it within the word limit.  Apologies if anyone else has ploughed the same fictional trough; i’ve not had a change to read the others yet.  Anyway, here goes;

“Forget it,” said the cowardly lion, “No way.”

 “Please,” said Dorothy.

 “Look, lady, how d’you think I got my name?”

 Tinman addressed him, sotto voce behind his rictus grin, “Maybe, if you do what the wizard says, you’ll realise you had courage all along.”

 “Sort of like a behavioural experiment,” said the Scarecrow, who planned to set himself up as a cognitive therapist when he got his brains.

 “I won’t do it, I tells you,” answered the lion.

 “For me?” Pleaded Dorothy, “For Glinda.”

 “That Glinda’s using you. I bet you’ll find alls you had to do was click those heels together.”

 “Even so,” said Scarecrow, “Maybe we should do what the Wizard wants.”

 “Well,” said the lion, shaking his mane petulantly, “Count me out. It’ll all end in tears.”  And with that, he took the grey stone back road out of the Emerald City




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25 responses to “Director’s Cut (With Apologies to L Frank Baum)-Friday Fictioneers Submission

  1. You did make me chuckle. “Follow the old gray stone road!” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

  2. I love that the scarecrow plans to become a cognitive therapist once he gets his brains. (Or maybe he doesn’t actually need to wait?)

  3. Great fun, you clearly got yours already (brains I mean and in good condition 🙂

  4. A very unique take – I’m sure you won’t find another like it this week.

    • Thank you. I was really surprised there weren’t more Wizard if Oz stories this week. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo and I expected most others would be the same. Much better to have such a varied collection, though.

  5. I think this was a wonderful tribute, darling! The characters very well done.

  6. Made me smile! I was going to make exactly the same comment as Jan did above regarding the Scarecrow and his brains.

  7. Haahaa! So the GREY road is the back way! Clever! I think the lion had all the brains. I mean, if all your friends jump off a cliff, would you? Just like the yellow brick road, I tell ya. 😉 Very nice story.

  8. It’s occurred to me reading this that it’s a very good exercise in characterisation, to take ready-made characters and give them a new scenario – that way you write dialogue appropriate to the characters’ – characters. And they have to act accordingly too. Well done. And thanks for the writing tip! Dialogue was good. Ann

  9. Hello Etienne,
    I lived for a decade in Kansas, so this is nostalgic to me. Very clever and funny dialog. You may not be a wizard, but you’re a very good writer. Ron

  10. Your fun story made me smile — this sounds like dialogue the Cowardly Lion would inspire. Since killing that Wicked Witch of the West sounded like quite a tall order. I mean, she could fly, and she had flying monkeys!!

  11. Dear Etienne,

    I enjoyed your clever take on the prompt. I could see these four in group therapy. 😉 Good job.



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